Ride Details

When: Saturday June 23rd, 2018 11:30am
Where: Starting at Penrose Square, 2597 Columbia Pike.  Ending at the West Pike Food Truck Party, 4800 Columbia Pike
Why: Columbia Pike is one of Arlington’s least bike-friendly corridors— there aren’t any bike lanes, traffic is heavy, and the bike boulevards on parallel streets are disjointed and disconnected. The County has budgeted over $165 million rebuilding Columbia Pike to make it a "complete street" according to the Capital Improvement Plan, and yet current plans wouldn't even provide a complete bike facility that runs the full length of the Pike, let alone one that is safe, direct and low-stress. This ride is to show solidarity with other Columbia Pike cyclists.  It is to show that we exist and to draw attention to the deplorable conditions for cycling on Columbia Pike that have existed for decades with little progress.
How: Ideally, we will ride as one big pack of cyclists from Penrose Square to the Food Truck Party.  We will occupy only the right lane of Columbia Pike until we need to turn left at the end of the ride.  We will stop at all red lights.  We will attempt to stay entirely together, but we may get separated by some red lights.  We will end the ride at the West Pike Food Truck Party where you're encouraged to enjoy the entertainment and buy some tasty lunch from the food trucks.

Can't Ride?

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